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Here are the Winners of the Ecological Plebiscite 2022

We finally know the names of the winners of the Ecological Plebiscite ORGANIC LIFE TOP 50, appreciated by the Jury consisting primarily of scientists focused on ecology, ethics and education. Out of 88 nominees this year, the jury selected 42 winners and 8 distinguished persons. The Final Gala took place on September 17 at the…
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Duvet without down or wool – a plant-based alternative for vegans and allergy-prone users?

Some people do not tolerate down as it often causes allergies, others cannot stand wool as it is connected with oppressive practices towards sheep. Producers simply do not know how to please consumers, so they produce polyester duvets. And these are not good for our health as we sweat in them just as if we…
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The uniqueness of ORGANIC LIFE Final Gala lies in going beyond the scope of ecology itself

In the meadows in Juchowo, representatives of various ecological environments, scientists, doctors and activists met. The ORGANIC LIFE TOP 50 Final Gala was preceded by the Ecomedicine Congress and the Ecological Networking Session. The program of the day, full of attractions, turned out to be extremely beneficial for the participants! Text: Żaneta Geltz Great personalities…
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What should we blame? Gluten or lectins? 

  How is it possible that a cardiac surgeon, a doctor of medicine who has carried out thousands of operations and developed life-saving medical technology, after 40 years of cardiological practice, quit an operating room? Is it possible to exchange operations on patients' hearts for dietary advice? Scandal or discovery? What does gluten have to…
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If we eat more organic, farmers will grow it for us!

Sustainability, zero waste, biodegradable packaging, organic solutions and discoveries about hemp – these are the main subjects of BIOFACH & VIVANESS 2020 in Nuremberg.  3 792 exhibitors from 110 countries on 57 609 m2 show area and 826 announced new products, 629 at BIOFACH and 197 at VIVANESS. And you haven’t been there yet? Author: Żaneta…
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First allergy certified
- natural „wrinkle-fighter” reinvented by Andrew Kawalec

In the cosmetic field companies reveal revolutionary chemical solutions that should keep us looking young and beautiful. In this run for modern and perfect products, haven't we forgotten about old and efficient ingredients? Andrew Kawalec tells us about the wealth of lanolin and how to fit it into our daily hypoallergenic beauty-routine, even if we…
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