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Olive oil not only supports heart health but potentially brain health, as well – scientists analyzed

  A new study suggests that incorporating olive oil into your diet could help reduce the risk of dying from dementia. As many countries face rising rates of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, the study offers hope that healthy lifestyle factors such as diet can help to prevent or slow the progression of…
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Here are the Winners of the Ecological Plebiscite 2022

We finally know the names of the winners of the Ecological Plebiscite ORGANIC LIFE TOP 50, appreciated by the Jury consisting primarily of scientists focused on ecology, ethics and education. Out of 88 nominees this year, the jury selected 42 winners and 8 distinguished persons. The Final Gala took place on September 17 at the…
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What your genes have to do with habits and organic food? Dr. Isabel & Dr. Jyun explain!

Don't wait for the government to help you or for somebody to make the job for you. It is you, who keeps the steering wheel and may push the button "back to health". What your genes have to do with habits and organic food?  Żaneta Geltz: I see now that many people prefer to stay passive towards…
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We need more education for consumer and wiser political parties to avoid global crisis

Nothing will change to the better, if all of us will fail to change just a bit. Which changes will matter most and what changes are on the second and third place, if we want to keep the current standard of living? We turn with questions to a well-known expert, professor Jorgen Randers from Oslo,…
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First allergy certified
- natural „wrinkle-fighter” reinvented by Andrew Kawalec

In the cosmetic field companies reveal revolutionary chemical solutions that should keep us looking young and beautiful. In this run for modern and perfect products, haven't we forgotten about old and efficient ingredients? Andrew Kawalec tells us about the wealth of lanolin and how to fit it into our daily hypoallergenic beauty-routine, even if we…
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Why should we join #EXPOSED UNNECESSARILY?

The Global Interdisciplinary Coalition Exposed Unnecessarily brings together media, experts, organizations, event organizers, bloggers and manufacturers, philanthropies, international institutions, civil society, farmers and readers of HAPPY EVOLUTION annual magazine, including the editor-in-chief, Zaneta Geltz, the author of the concept. The vision of the Coalition is the connection, which can be created between numerous, and caring…
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