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Is Acne an allergic response to some foods?

Acne is perhaps the most common skin disease, particularly in adolescents but also in adults and often leads to numerous visits to dermatologist for treatment with a range of topical creams, antibiotics or use of drugs like Isotretinoin, in cases of severe acne, despite its numerous side effects. In the United States of America alone,…
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Our food from a photo camera perspective

From the air he sees what is invisible to the vast majority of people. He can, indeed, have a different perspective of the food we all eat. George Steinmetz, well-known photographer looks from the Sky to see a bigger picture. Massive greenhouses in Spain, palm oil fields in Malaysia and rice terraces in China. „I…
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BECOME A PART OF A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY Happy Evolution Global Association connects scientists, medical doctors, sustainable manufacturers, specialised niche events, ecological education and personal development aiming at active creation of our better future. Join the community and expand your brand through authentic and niche events, public speaking and specialised media supported by science and medicine,…
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