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We need more education for consumer and wiser political parties to avoid global crisis

Nothing will change to the better, if all of us will fail to change just a bit. Which changes will matter most and what changes are on the second and third place, if we want to keep the current standard of living? We turn with questions to a well-known expert, professor Jorgen Randers from Oslo,…
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What should we blame? Gluten or lectins? 

  How is it possible that a cardiac surgeon, a doctor of medicine who has carried out thousands of operations and developed life-saving medical technology, after 40 years of cardiological practice, quit an operating room? Is it possible to exchange operations on patients' hearts for dietary advice? Scandal or discovery? What does gluten have to…
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Coronavirus stopped us from hugging and companies from growing. What should we learn from it?

Coronavirus is not only a sensation of the last weeks and a life-threatening disease, but also it opens a new chapter in everybody’s life. This new era will embrace new ways to protect nations, businesses and relations between countries. We address a few questions to professor Dan Ariely, who is a well-known psychologist lecturing on…
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Social detox according to José Micard Teixeira

Strong words went around the world along with the cinema's fame - Meryl Streep, who expressed her attitude to her own age and political situation in the USA. Social media acted like a nuclear bomb and the quote became famous instantly, because the load was controversial and important. The author of the words, however, meant…
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Why the world goes ORGANIC & VEGAN – our session in Dubai

It is important to reach the audience of trade shows, where not only organic producers are presenting their new products, but also buyers from international and local chains are coming in to learn what's new. Organic and Natural Products Expo is Middle East’s unique and largest event dedicated to all things natural, organic and healthy.…
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First allergy certified
- natural „wrinkle-fighter” reinvented by Andrew Kawalec

In the cosmetic field companies reveal revolutionary chemical solutions that should keep us looking young and beautiful. In this run for modern and perfect products, haven't we forgotten about old and efficient ingredients? Andrew Kawalec tells us about the wealth of lanolin and how to fit it into our daily hypoallergenic beauty-routine, even if we…
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