About Us

A Few Words About Us

You can join too to this endlessly developing community of people who develop the level of happiness of the World.

Not the profession matters, but your intentions.

Not the level of your wallet counts, but your ethics and humanity.

Our Work Team

  • Anna Kolasińska

    Anna Kolasińska English Studies graduate. She has been teaching this language for 25 years; also correcting and translating English texts. Passionate about self-development, mind-body...

  • Zaneta Geltz

    Zaneta Geltz founder of Happy Evolution Global Association Established a unique magazine regarding allergies, immunology and asthma. After a year and the first 1000...

  • Marcin Geltz

    Film Maker Educated in mathematics. Strives to optimisation and minimalism....

  • Anna Zalewska

    She is a professional writer. Writes books, articles and stories. In our association Anna is a Management Member and public speaker....

Our Awards

"Responsible Business"

Zaneta Geltz was rewarded with the regional award for "Responsible Business", engaging persons with mobility difficulties and enabling free education about health. Our best reward is the audience that wants to hear our independent news.

Experts said "YES"

Our 10-steps formula was many times highly valued by international experts who confirm that it is possible to escape long-term illnesses, including early signs of cancer by having right bio-food, enough gyms, certain portion of relaxing practices, clean water (not from plastic bottles), no-toxins life and right level of consumer education.

Countries to follow

We all agree that Scandinavia is one of the most inspiring region of the world, but also Tibetan tribes, Chinese specialists of natural medicine, Hindi experts of Ayurveda and Arabic professionals focused on happiness in UAE. We bring you some details about it in our films. Watch them carefully, the true recipe is in between the lines.

Learn about our educational project: #EXPOSEDUNNECESSARILY

Look, who we have invited to our interviews in our Annual Magazine HAPPY EVOLUTION 



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